Thursday, May 21, 2009

Network TV in the Fall

I have become a huge fan of some shows and now that the Networks are announcing their fall Schedules I feel I should way in on some of the decisions. I will start with what I like that they did and then go to stuff that aggravates me. So off to the good things.

Well Bones got renewed for TWO seasons. The show is have very good ratings and the producers have committed money for 2 more seasons. The ratings continue to go up for the show and the chemistry of the cast especially between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz is very tight. Plus, since I love the show; I love that it is continuing.

Fringe has been officially picked up! I like this type of Sci-Fi. Its about the science. Add in cool conspiracies and bad people that you like (Dr. Walter Bishop for example) makes it all good to me. Spec Agent Olivia Dunham seems a bit weak but I think that's actually part of the plot not poor acting. Walter is my favorite character and I always look forward to what he will say or do next. I am glad it coming back and committed for a full season.

Dollhouse is renewed for a short 13 season. I am glad the Joss Whedon will actually get some more time to give us what he is trying to do with this series. It has loads of potential and did get allot better after the first 5 episodes. I have heard that Fox demanded the bland stuff in the start (reminiscent of the meddling on Firefly) Eliza Dushku is pretty bland of an actress but as the show went on I kind of got her in this roll. We will see what Josh has for us next season and I wish him luck.

Lie To Me is also getting a short 13 episode renewal. I have been a fan of Tim Roth for many years since i saw Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Gary Oldman and Roth were awesome in that. Tim brings that kind of performance to this role and I just cannot get enough of it. The rest of the main cast are well done and add a deep dimension to Roths character. Its like a police procedural in format and in that way its formulaic but its done well. With 13 more episodes I bet it will show that it has long legs.

Chuck is renewed! On the surface its just a fun poke at stereotypes with National Security on the line but under that surface is a deep and rich with Chucks family life and he search for meaning. And with Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin in the show its always fun to watch. Glad its sticking around!

The Mentalist renewed for a full season. i am very very pleased with this as I thin its one of the better Police procedurals out there. The cast has come together and the acting is tight. The underlying thread of "Red John" A serial killer that killed the main character's (played by Simon Baker) family pops up regularly enough that the tension is always there.

Castle is coming back also. I have always liked Nathan Fillion I like how he blends humor into everything his says and does. This police procedural is very formulaic in that he is a writer tagging along with the NYPD and he give great insight into every case. I also like his partner played by Stana Katic. They have a good report with each other and both an attraction and secret tension (she is a BIG BIG fan of his books that she tries to never let on, he has a big enough head already). I also really like the relationship he has with his daughter played by Molly Quinn. She keeps him grounded in the world.

Last and definitely NOT least is Supernatural coming back to wow and amaze me for another season. Well they went and did it. The Hunters raised Lucifer from hell. Good job Sam and Dean Winchester!!!! We we all know what has to happen now. The fearsome twosome of this show have to go out and not only kick Lucifer butt but make the Angles pay for arraigning his release. yes that's right the Angels made sure the Lucifer rose. I am sure there will be hell to pay ( sorry pun meant)

Well I went very long on the good stuff so I'll end this post now. Ill get another post for the stuff I did not like that they did.

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