Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Chill 2013: The Innkeepers

Genre: Ghost Story, low gore, moderately spooky.
Gore - Nonexistant
Spookiness - Moderate
Acting - Decent to Good
Plot - Simple but fun
Overall - Worthwhile

The Innkeepers is available on Netflix streaming and is well worth your time.  Ti West is has become one my favorite horror directors with his understated, almost retro style and simply crafted spookiness.  The plot is quite basic.  The Yankee Pedlar Inn is closing down and only two employees and a few guests remain before it closes its doors forever.  These employees are attempting to prove the existence of the hotel's infamous ghost, Madeline O'Malley before they lose their chance.  The basic elements of this film could easily be told around a camp fire or by late night employees of a hotel.  It's simple but effective.  The great thing about this movie is that it is not ambitious and Ti West recognizes that showing too much of the ghost ruins the film. Sara Paxton leads the film as a awkward college drop out whose life is on hold and is a little too obsessed with a long dead woman.  She does a good job playing down her looks and pulls of her own confidence well.  The rest of the cast is basically proficient with the exception of Kelly McGillis who plays a down and out actress who now works as a medium.  Her work is excellent and a worthy addition to her long resume.

Despite being rated R, I would feel comfortable with older kids watching this movie.  The rating comes from some coarse language but there is almost no violence and no sex.  It is creepy and has a powerful conclusion, but is a straight up jump-scene driven atmospheric horror movie.  I saw much worse as a kid and I turned out fine.  

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