Friday, September 7, 2012

Supernatural - Copped Out, Jumped Another Shark, and Brought In Cousin Oliver

Supernatural ended when Sam sacrificed himself to take Lucifer and Michael into the Pit and Dean got his happily ever after.  Everything since is just official Fan Fiction with a little less slash in it.  I keep watching it though because I can't stop, it's like an addiction.  When the Leviathan's came I briefly thought that maybe the show would redeem itself and I would see Mythos like horrors unleashed on the masses, minds being shattered, big fracking sorcery making all the previous generic demon/angel in human skin prancing about look totally like a preamble to the big show.  No, instead we just got more monsters wearing human skin suits that eat people.  Ooh, they can't be killed by the normal anathema items like silver or holy oak or whatever, no they have to be killed with Borax.  No real change guys, just some other thing to keep in inventory. Last season we end on a downer, with Castiel and Dean locked in Purgatory, where the real monsters live.  Stuff even Castiel looks scared of.  So, again, I kind of hope maybe we will see some of that awesomeness, but no.  It'll be in flashbacks just like when Dean went to hell.  It's a cop out.

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Then we have our Cousin Oliver, the most recent prophet.  He is no Prophet Chuck, I'll tell you that.

It also looks like this could be a bit of a reset, the previous show-runner is back, and may be going in another direction.

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  1. I stop watching soon after the Armageddon arc ended. Lost its cool for me. Hope its not too bad this season.