Monday, August 6, 2012

90's Comic Gen13 Pretend Movie Casting

Gen13 was one of those initial Image comics that was basically a knock off of the X-Men, and fit into the Wildstorm Universe as a sort of New Mutants analogue.  There was an animated movie that never got released in the US, but no movie plans have ever been pushed forward.  This weekend I was asked who I would cast if such a movie was made.  This taxed my internal actor and comic database and still I failed to cast one of the team, because there is just no actor working today who is Asian, with an American accent, who is as wide as a refridgerator and 5'4'.  It just doesn't happen.  

Alex Pettyfer as Burnout.  You've seen him in "I Am Number Four" and possibly been dragged to see him in women friendly movies like Beastly and Magic Mike.  

Deborah Ann Woll is currently on True Blood playing Jessica, who was once a mousy little home school kid and now is a voracious, literal, man-eater.  Going from nerd to amazon should be easy for her. 

 Micheal Keaton needs a good role.  I loved him as Batman, I am not ashamed to admit it.  He has a great screen presence, as he has gotten older he has gotten more badass looking, and he doesn't sound like he would take shit from anyone.  If you tell me Mr. Mom was not a great movie we have nothing else to say on this subject.
Megan Fox reportedly wants this role should it ever come up.  She'd probably ruin it, but who knows.  I'm going with Vanessa Hudgens because I think for such a little package she packs a lot of charisma, and Rainmaker is probably the most forceful personality in the team.

There are not that many pictures of Gen13 on the net that are not ecchi, but here is a decent one of Roxanne Spaulding, AKA Freefall, in her school clothes.  Freefall was gothy, punky, spunky, and cool. She was the girl your mom worried about you dating, but was actually kind of a sweetheart.  Victoria Justice could break a little from her ultra nice girl look and give this a try. 

 This is Grunge.  How the hell do you cast that?
This is Steven Yeun, he is on the Walking Dead.  I like him, he'll have to do.

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