Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vintage Board Game:Mage Stones

I hate to think of anything that came out while I was in high school as vintage, but this came out in 1990 making it 22 years old.  The game is pretty quick to learn, consisting of only a few rules, and featuring concepts familiar to anyone who has played Othello, Backgammon and Yahtzee.  It's a dice based game with some strategy involved in stone placement.  Your goal is to place all of your pieces before everyone else, and you have the ability to remove opponents pieces similarly to Othello, though you can remove more than one.  The game can take up to six players but we only had two for this run through.  It moved pretty quickly, but I am uncertain how it would play with 6 players.  It could become unwieldy.

For a game I paid less than 5 dollars for at Half Priced Books it was pretty fun and as a nearly forgotten piece of Dragonlance and Dungeons and Dragons game lore it has a place on my shelf. 


  1. thank you so much for this video, me and wife had this game when it frist came out. we would play every weekend get drunk on rum and coke and argue then make passonet love. i loan it to someone and never got it back. today I got a copy from ebay, however the instuctions where not in the game and thanks to this I was able to recall most of the rules, but I know that if more people play the number of stones change everyone gets less stones, I know its to much to ask for a copy of the rules, but can you tell me how many stones needed for how many play. thanks

  2. I recently moved, and this game was packed away unfortunately.