Monday, July 23, 2012

Toys as Terrain: Queen Ann's Revenge

Anyone that reads this blog (there are literally 5 of you) know that I love gaming terrain.  I also love silly kids toys.  Combining these things is one of my simplest, greatest joys.  I picked up the Pirates of the Carribean Queen Ann's Revenge on clearance at Wal-Mart for 14.75 and with a little work will be fantastic for use in game.  All I need now is to get me a good pirate campaign going.  It isn't quite ready for prime time.  I'd like to do some minor repainting, rough it up a tad.  It could use a grid painted on as well.  Otherwise it has a lot going for it.  It was cheap, which is great.  It has multiple decks, and removable portions.  The poop deck comes off giving access to the deck below, and the main deck comes out to show the hold underneath.  There is even a storage compartment for random bits.  All in all, I think a good buy for a pirate themed campaign.  Run out to Wal-Mart and hit their clearance aisle today.  

Main view of the ship.
I did not have enough Ninjas or Pirates so it is Shadowfell Dudes vs Semi Normal Fantasy Dudes, including a pirate.
Not looking good for the home team.
They're in the rigging!
Poop deck - the wheel is a tad large.  Also, the stairs are totally  not to a decent scale, super tiny.

Priest of Death, obviously this is a plague ship.
The decks open below, including a brig.

Useful crows nests.  

Not as useful plank.  

Different crows nest.  This is what 20 ranks of climb will get you.  
Under the poop deck.  I said poop. 

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