Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pathfinder Miniatures Battles Unboxing

 Huge Black Dragon, perk.

 They be goblins!
Introducing Rend Blackhand! The orcs look a little like Warcraft orcs, but they do have the advantage of being easily spottted on the field. 

 Lizardfolk Champion and human guardsmen.

 Where wolf?  There wolf!  Seelah and the kick ass Specter.
 Half orc, gargoyle, giant rat, gnome
 Duid, dwarf warrior and a realy cool half elf cleric.

 This elf doesn't do much for me.  Human ranger, based on Happs Bydon from Kingmaker 1.
 Sleeping cap rogue, mummy and snakes
 Wolves, spider, and zombie.
 Ogre, minotaur and medusa.
 Ettin, and troll.
 Chimera and Giant spider
 Frost Giant (spare hand on base) and manticore.

Vampire, lich and succubus

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