Thursday, September 10, 2009

Supernatural Season 5 Premier!

Sympathy for the Devil.

The Prophet Chuck! Can't get enough of that.

Dean is such a badass. Now working the angel mojo on the sly.

Sam has picked up new tricks too. Still a whiney putz.

We have a scene in Delaware and no Thoroughgood? Who Do You Love better get played.

So Lucifer has to have a vessel, like any other angel. This solves one of the bigger problems I expected, namely how do you make Lucifer impressive enough to be worth screen time? If there is one dissatisfaction I have with this show is that the demons are all the same, and the least impressive of the effects they have done on the show. The Genie was far better as have most of the ghosts. I would have liked to have had a glimpse of something in that blinding light when Lucifer arose, some hint of his infernal majesty. Instead we will have some normal looking dude from Delaware that flashes glowing whites eyes occasionally.


Michael "toughest son of a bitch they got". Gotta love Bobby.

Bobby possessed is a very bad thing. I really hope they give us a flashback as to how they managed to get into him, I always assumed Bobby was pretty well protected.

Who is this playing the returned Meg? Seems so familiar. Hot.

Bobby died well. Resisted possession and took himself out. He deserved a good death. Apparently Mrs. Doombringer is right and Bobby is too awesome to die. He gets stabbed with the demon slaying knife while possessed and still lives. That's epic levels there bud.

OK then. Dean is now a sword. All kinds of Freudian overtones there.

Ah, I see Zachariah is an evil conservative angel, denying health care to Bobby and Sam. He even supplies the health problems.

I love that God has finally shown his hand, or at least a hint that he is not the absentee landlord that Zachariah makes him out to be.

The previews look awesome. Glad to see that Ellen and Jo will be coming back.

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