Friday, August 21, 2009

The Anathema Part 1: Basic Construction

This is from the Firstlight set by Worldworks. I have owned these for quite some time but never really got around to trying to make them. Eventually I ended up discarding these from the current build, and may turn them into a shuttle or small fighter.

This is my first attempts at layout, which I spent way too much time on. I did not like the designs that come with the pdf, which feature the bridge and "tub" on the sides of the vehicle, aft from the main body. I wanted a forward bridge and a more streamlined design. Mostly I played with it while watching the Tudors on Netflix.

This is the first build of the cargo bay. Originally I intended on making these bays modular, able to be removed from the main body and used as either detachable cargo containers, or portable command stations. I've since changed my mind and built them directly into the craft. I have some other plans along those lines.

This is just a view of the original Firstlight skins on the exterior. As you can see I made some mistakes in construction, but I almost never get them right the first time. In some ways I wasn't worried about a perfect construction because I knew I was going to resurface and add detail work.

First shot of a nearly completed primary deck. You can see here the bridge and the airlock. I decided against a functional airlock, partially because of my intention on building a lower deck and also because I ran out of room and did not feel like doing cuts on my structural walls. You can see I need to do some work still shading in the cut lines.

These are the same rooms pictured above resurfaced. You can also see the majority of the ship and the open doors frames, for which I still have to build removable doors. I've also added the fitted roofs for the cargo containers.

This is the science compartment, which includes Engineering and Astrometrics. I am not completely happy with the floor in this section, I had some technical problems with the reactors and so there is some buckling. My mistake was building this section on a separate set of papers as base and then adding it to the main body. I got ahead of myself and it damaged the project.

Open cargo bay with heroscape figure.



Crew Quarters

Aerial view, that blank space is for a turbolift. The chevron shaped pieces on the sides of the ship are for escape pods. Those are modular.

View of astrometrics sensor array.

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