Friday, May 1, 2009

Supernatural: Detour to Hell

In all my 34 years I don't think there has been a show that I have consistently enjoyed as much as Supernatural. From the first episode till now it has been a constant gripping, hilarious, dark, classic rock, babe and beer filled ride in an Impala across America. It's Route 66 with guns and voodoo. It's Highway to Heaven, except apparently they detoured to Hell. I'm sure the Impala could take KITT. This show is like every good road show written large in black sharpie with demons, ghosts and reapers set to a better soundtrack. This show rocks.

This season could have been the one to fail. Introducing angels into the mix, ramping up the mythology could have ruined the show. Instead, they managed to make it even awesomer. That's right, awesomer. This is as close to fanboism as I get here folks. I even used bad grammar to make my point clear.
Misha Collins has good things coming to him. His portrayal of Castiel and his host Jimmy has been some of the best television acting I've seen in a long time. As Castiel he somehow manages to make such an inhuman character at once vulnerable and implacable. He doesn't even have to say anything, his stoic unwavering gaze evinces both the steely resolve of a pulp fiction private dick and the pain of one suffering from a crisis of faith. That's with just a look. I'm looking forward to seeing his career progress.

Anyone who didn't watch last night's episode should probably stop reading now.

I'm a little sad to see Castiel got called up to see the boss and has been reindoctrinated. The idea of watching an angel fall, not from pride or wrath but honest questioning of a boss he's never seen, and his empathy for the humans he is meant to shepherd was great television and one of the things that has made the inclusion of angels into the show a good thing. I am going to give the writers the benefit of the doubt and hope that this change will be more interesting than where I thought they were going with it.

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. You dumb son of a bitch. Ruby has been playing your ass all along. She has been playing the long game with your bitch ass and you fell right in line. At least she picks hot meat suits right? Now, you are some kind of half demon vampire spawn psionic demonslayer (CR12). Good thing your brother and Bobby have some sense. Seriously, where in that massive melon of yours did you think that drinking demon ichor was a good idea? Ends justify the means, my ass. It's a demon, surely you might think she has some ulterior motive, like maybe setting up your flesh to be the perfect host for a risen Lucifer? Rory needs to have a guest star and set you straight.

Damnit, no new episode next week. The preview looks damn good, and I suspect that some of what we saw there is not going to be exactly as it appears. Dean giving up and serving the Lord without question? Righteous man indeed.

Great episode, great televison, awesome angels and Sammy, jeez man I hope Dean and Bobby get you back in line. Thing is, I have long suspected the only way to really satisfactorilly end this show is with you turning all Dark Side. BTW, I am sure Lucifer is actually your father.
Cue Skywalker whining.

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