Monday, May 4, 2009

District 9 Exciting new sci fi movie

District 9.

The best looking science fiction movie coming out in the near future is coming out of South Africa, not something I would have ever imagined. With all the rehashing so common in Hollywood something fresh like this is a very welcome change. The quick rundown on this movie is that an alien race has come to Earth, and rather than be feared or even idolized as one might expect they have been forced to live in slums, made pariah and hated. Coming from a South African director you can imagine that this movie is really about apartheid, a period of history just closed and yet so few in this country know anything about. The director first came to the stage directing shorts about Halo, the Xbox game. I never had any interest in the now flat lined HALO project, so I have not seen his work previously. This movie will be another of the pseudorealistic hand cam movies, I am almost certain. While the trend of hand cam shooting is overdone, I do see the use of that technique when trying to create a sense of verisimilitude when creating a false documentary of a science fiction scenario.

I'm not linking any videos on this movie, the website is worth visiting though so check it out. I am definitely interested in this movie, which unlike so many genre movies lately is not a rehash or a sequel. I think, like Children of Men this will be a tad more cerebral than most flicks lately, but with better special effects.

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