Ashen Stars - Personnel File: Ollu

Balla, Female
Age: 46 Earth Standard
Oahu Station, Earth
68 cm, 52.15 kg,
Warpside Posting:  Assistant Engineer
Groudside Posting: Business Manager

Ollu was born to artisan parents based on the Oahu Gravchute Station on Earth.  As one of the primary tourism space ports Oahu Station afforded her parents a wide selection of buyers for their unique, growing, sculptures.  During the war Ollu enlisted in the Combine Navy as a procurement officer against her parents wishes.  She was on the Dauntless Star when Oahu was hit by mass drivers in the first Earth Offensive leaving no survivors.  She finished her tour of duty but has not returned to earth, and does not consider the balla homeworld to be her own.

Investigative Skills (uses 21 points):
Academic: Forensic Accounting 2, Law 1, Linguistics 2
Interpersonal: Flirting 2. Flattery 2. Negotiation 2
Technical: Data Retrieval: 1, Energy Signatures 2, Forensic Engineering 2, Industrial Design 2.Kinetics 2

General Skills: 
Athletics 2 . Battle Console 4, Business Affairs 6, Comm Intercept 2,  Emotion Suppress 6, Health 4, Helm Control 2, Naval Tactics 2, Public Relations 6, Shooting 6,  Shuttle Craft 4, Systems Design 4, Systems Repair 6

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