Monday, April 8, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3: Episode 2

Watch the above video, I think it is a fantastic mashup of two things most people would never have considered on their own.  The crazy thing is how well it actually works.  It's also pretty appropriate for this episode.  Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) recently remarked that Season 3 would have some big changes from the books in store for us, and we are starting to see that happen.  Margaery Tyrell is a much more dynamic and interesting character in this show than Martin made her in the books.  Here, she is practically a POV character.  Sansa is starting to grow a backbone, partially propped up by Shae, who has taken a genuine liking to the girl.  I'm glad I can like Sansa here, I despised her for a long time in the books, but it is hard to hate Sophie Turner. The highlight of this episode was Brienne and Jamie though.  Every scene with those two is just perfect, and really feels like some kind of messed up buddy cop/romance plot.

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