Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Girl Walked Into a Rape Joke

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A Much Kinder Article Than My Own

I've never really liked Daniel Tosh.  Admittedly my only real experience with him is his Comedy Central show, Tosh.0, but I his schtick seems even less funny without the accompaniment of videos.  He's a shock jock, and that's pretty much his whole shebang.  His delivery is this kind of cocky rich kid who still thinks pulling the wings off flies is funny and he just continually, drolly, quips on painful and ugly things.  It's America's Funniest Home Videos without the affability or the cute kids and animals.  By the way, America's Funnies Home Videos is really just as bad as Tosh.0 because they try to hide that their show is all about pain, embarrassment and crushed testicles.   

Original Anonymous Blog Post About Incident

So this girl and her friend decide to go to the Laugh Factory, and this is the detail that is left out of the news coverage, they go to see Dane Cook followed by some guy they never heard of, which turns out to be Tosh.  They CHOSE to see Dane Cook.  I am sure we can all discount their judgment at this point.  When you start off with Dane Cook can the night really get any better?

So Tosh then starts making some very generalizing, declarative statements about rape jokes always being funny, how can a rape joke not be funny, rape is hilarious, etc. I don’t know why he was so repetitive about it but I felt provoked because I, for one, DON’T find them funny and never have. So I didnt appreciate Daniel Tosh (or anyone!) telling me I should find them funny. So I yelled out, “Actually, rape jokes are never funny!”
Again, we have an issue where obviously this woman's judgment was impaired.  When a comedian, especially one whose whole routine involves people being uncomfortable and laughing to make themselves feel better, starts in on something so awful he is looking for a couple of reactions.  Either he wants to get the freaked out nervous titter so he can move to something more palatable, or he wants you to heckle him. See, once you heckle him, you are now the comedy.  You are a target.  Everyone can get behind that one.  He can say just about anything so long as it is about you and your table and everyone will laugh.  It's like hyenas and you are the poor bleating zebra on the menu.
After I called out to him, Tosh paused for a moment. Then, he says, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…” and I, completely stunned and finding it hard to process what was happening but knowing i needed to get out of there, immediately nudged my friend, who was also completely stunned, and we high-tailed it out of there. It was humiliating, of course, especially as the audience guffawed in response to Tosh, their eyes following us as we made our way out of there. I didn’t hear the rest of what he said about me.

So this is what you get.  It's not funny, not even remotely so.  The audience laughs though because the vaguely tittering deadpan of his voice gives the illusion of benignity, in this case like a tumor.  The audience is going to laugh, especially when you get going out of there because he just pwnd you.  You took the bait, he mocked you, and you retreated.  Better yet, you blogged about it and gave him the best advertising he has ever had.  Sure, it might backfire on him, but he has been tasteless and cruel for a long time, and let's face it, coming on after South Park means Comedy Central knows exactly what they have going there. 

Democratic Underground Article

Fox News Article, gotta keep this blog fair and balanced, ya know.

I should probably add that having to basically flee while Tosh was enthusing about how hilarious it would be if I was gang-raped in that small, [claustrophobic] room was pretty viscerally terrifying and threatening all the same, even if the actual scenario was unlikely to take place. The suggestion of it is violent enough and was meant to put me in my place.”
Believe it or not, I doubt Tosh really felt any malice in the scenario.  Not malice like a normal person anyway.  It wasn't all men laughing in that room either, I would bet.  And again, I remind you that this woman chose to go see Dane Cook, and wasn't offended by him.  How can you not be offended by Dane Cook?   I'm not defending the joke.  I'm certainly not defending him suggesting the woman be gang raper in the middle of a comedy club or anywhere else.  What I am suggesting is that if you are going to see a comedy act, and it follows Dane Cook it is going to be fucking atrocious, and if you heckle him you will become the target of his bullying.  That is what comedians do. 

Daily Mail coverage of Tosh's Apology

Tosh is an unfunny jerk. She is an idiot for thinking that by showing how he wounded her that he would somehow become more sensitive.  There is a petition to remove him from the air.  Personally I am a fan of doing things through business not through petitions, so I suggest hit his advertisers.  If you really want him gone you have to make it cost Comedy Central, not just get people to take a moment to sign a petition.

Petition to remove him from the air, if you are interested in that sort of thing.


  1. Well, your commentary was indeed offensive...that’s the point and I like your commentary. I have finally watched some of this guy’s stuff and I must say he puts most shock jocks to shame. He is rude, crude and disgusting all in one. I will say I did laugh at some things and appalled at others. Shock jocks like either response.

    I agree with you about Tosh wanting a heckler. He got so disgusting to get a response like that and then pounced. I also agree he had NO animosity for that woman or women in general he just tries to get a rise and then slam bam, thank you mam and some laugh. It’s his shtick. I bet he has a prepared response if the heckler was a man also.

    I do not really like his stuff and would never go see him. While I like crude his seems to not be funny either.

  2. Lighten up, this is America. Worse things have happened in this country and the world in the last couple days; yet I don't see you railing against those incidences. Take the blue pill and keep doing what you do best.

  3. Dana, apologies about not seeing your comment earlier. This blog is not about politics or serious matters, it's about entertainment and geek stuff. I do speak on serious matters in my personal life and on my personal facebook from time to time, but that would be much more serious than his blog has any right touching on.