Monday, May 4, 2009

Secondary Blog

This isn't a blog that focuses on half naked chicks and celebrity gossip, but it is one that will occassionally contain adult (or juvenile) material. Never porn per se, but I am not adverse to the occassional flash of nudity or foul language. I'd be R-rated under any system of measurement. Yesterdays blog post about fantasy art is a good example, the subject while valid is impossible to describe without some colorful descriptions or imagery that might offend someone out there. While tasteful, I think, it did contain some material that bosses might find objectionable, whether that boss is someone who signs your check or your wife. I personally enjoy these things, but I understand others qualms and I have no intention of this being an "adult" blog. So, I will be putting the more salacious material on a secondary blog - It is linked in the blog roll to the side. I am not sure it will be updated as often as this one as it is really just an overflow of the material on this page.

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