Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Babe: Fujiko Mine

I never said all the babes would be real people.

I'm not your usual anime snob, the so called Otaku. I don't mind English dubbing and I don't treat anime with any more reverance than individual shows deserve. In fact I treat anime exactly as I do any other movie or television show, on it's own merits. One anime that consistently meets my approval is Lupin III. For those unfamiliar, think of Lupin like a 70's crime movie, specifically the sort that Micheal Caine starred in like the Italian Job or I suppose like the American caper, Oceans 11. The protagonists are loveable rogues, each one a specialist. Fujiko is the bad girl, the infiltrator, the double crossing succubus that usually leads Lupin astray.

I love the bad girl.

What I love about Fujiko is that she is as competent, maybe moreso than the hero. She uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants, but in truth is moderately chaste. She plays Lupin over and over again, but deep down she does love him. Of course that doesn't stop her from leaving him hanging in the wind if it's time to blow. She's tough, a badass, quick tempered, vicious, and wicked.

Lupin the Third is one of the most influential anime of all time. It has spawned many of the themes and artistic elements that we now think of as anime. Cowboy Bebop, easily my favorite for greatest anime of all time (series, if we are talking movies I am going with Ghost in the Shell) is especially influenced by Lupin and Faye Valentine could be the reincarnation of Fujiko.

Youtube video, embedding was disabled

This is a video of Fujiko set to the Cutey Honey theme. As an aside, I've never actually seen Cutey Honey.

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